Thursday, October 21, 2010

Horseshoe Curve, Altoona PA - Ghost of Colleen

Long ago when the Horseshoe Curve was being constructed on the Pennsylvania Railway, a young man lost his life in a brawl after a day of working on the railroad.  His fiance, Colleen, a young Irish girl was devastated by his death.
The road tunnel at Horseshoe Curve

It is said that if you approach the tunnel at midnight on the Altoona side, you can see the girl dressed in white waiting for her lover standing in some spruce trees next to the stone wall near the tunnel that passes under Horseshoe Curve.
  This tunnel is the feature of another haunting which is featured in this blog site.


  1. Your full of bologna I lived on that mountain all my life, well till I moved away from there and my father and grandfather whom was born about a mile up the road at Glenn White And I never heard a story like that. There was a story similar to that that happened on Buckhorn Mountain, She was killed in a buggy accident. You said About the guy getting killed nothing about the girl dying,
    hell she could have lived fifty years after he was killed. If you are going to make up a story make a good one. I have about a hundred relatives probably more than that, from that mountain. And I'd bet none of them ever heard that story.

  2. I just did this challenge tonight and I can confirm its real, all too real..We didn't see her, but we could feel her presence all around the car and there was hand prints all over the windows and even on the back window.

  3. you are confusing two different stories- get them straight before you speak. I live in Altoona and I have heard both stories- both from older folks. Just because YOU don't know them means nothing - except you need to talk to others or pay attention..... bren.

  4. both of them are very real believe it after last night ik it can get real there.