Saturday, October 30, 2010

Egg Hill Church - Spring Mills

The Egg Hill Church is located in Spring Mills, PA.  The church sits on a isolated road far from the local population and is one of the first Evangelical churches in the area. It was originally built in the early 1800's, then reconstructed in 1860 on the existing foundation after the original was burned to the ground.  It has a look that makes you feel you are in 1600's Salem, Massachusetts.

Egg Hill Church in Spring Mills, PA

The story is that long ago a minister became crazed and murdered his entire congregation after an evening ceremony by giving them poison.  He hastily buried all of his victims in the cemetery outside.  He then took his own life by hanging himself from the bell tower.

Some who have been to the church say they have seen drawings of pentagrams and goats appear on the walls and ceilings.  Scribbled by some unknown entity.  Others say that from outside the church, you can hear strange noises coming from the inside when the church is locked up and supposedly empty.  Some claim the sounds are similar to children's voices.

Egg Hill Cemetery


  1. Who do I e-mail to ask about a paranormal investigation with my team, Dead Steps, at the church?

  2. I live a few miles from the church, as a child I w would play around it . It has always been a local legend although I never experienced anything unusual. The sad part is a family built a new house right next to it.....took away a lot of the mystique.